black canoe consulting and valuation services: consulting

Black Canoe Consulting (BCC) provides clients with consulting services ranging from appraisals and inspections of equipment to assistance with logistical issues and idle equipment plans. Our consulting services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Idle Asset Plans: establish a plan to assist clients in making an informed and value-based decision to maximize profitability with selling or repurposing their currently idle equipment
  • Liquidation Strategies: marketing, advertising, and network benefits to aid with liquidation based on individual timelines and budgets
  • Specific Equipment Inspections: Our network of associates will inspect equipment to determine the condition of the item
  • Logistics: manage and oversee equipment removals, shipping requirements including on an international basis, customs related paperwork.
  • Inventory: assist with creating a comprehensive list of inventory items and spares (desktop evaluations)

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Please contact us at: 613-762-0776 to discuss a range of consulting possibilities. Our experience has exposed us to many facets of the world of process equipment.

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